The way we decorate our homes is impacted by many things, but the biggest influence is what I call your Decorating DNA…your Darn Near Always. 

Your DNA is a result of what you have seen, what was in the homes you loved or hated, and what gives you a happy feeling when you see it.  As a result of your DNA, you will often be drawn to the same sofa style, the same color palette, similar accessories, and even placement.  This can result in a portfolio that seems repetitive and bland.

The first thing you must do is identify your DNA.  Take the time to analyze your room.  

  • Look at the predominant lines in the room, do you tend to use vertical, horizontals, circles or others?
  • Identify the saturation level of your color palettes in your key rooms.
  • Look at how you hang your art and place your accessories. 
  • To better understand your DNA, create 3-5 concept boards for yourself without overthinking it.  Select key furniture pieces, color palette, motifs, and art.  Now examine them and identify similarities.