Creating beautiful rooms has been in vogue since Martha Cavewoman moved her husband’s rock to better view the sunset. HOME is the driving force for mankind…a place where you feel safe, comfortable, where you go to retreat and celebrate. How blessed I am that I have been allowed to make my living for over 40 years doing what I love. 
Hi, I’m JoAnne Lenart-Weary, the creator of the Confident Color System. As a 40+ year veteran of the design and staging industry, I have selected colors for tens of thousands of projects, interior and exterior. I have appeared on HGTV, ABC, as well as write for many industry magazines, speak at almost every industry conference or convention, some even call me an industry icon. I have trained aspiring and established interior decorators, designers, and home stagers since 1999. The Confident Color System was created to help them (and hopefully you) select color in a practical and systematic approach by approaching both the art and science of the process.

I became a good teacher because of those years of experience and the mistakes I made along the way. I was always experimenting.  There was the time I painted a tub and toilet red. (looked awesome but the paint didn’t bond to the toilet seat, but to my husband’s posterior).  My Mother tells the story about me mixing all the left over paint I could find to paint an outbuilding. (It came out purple and I got a spanking) I was about 8 at the time and already had a need to create.  As my decorating business grew, the desire to understand color better pushed me to experiment more and learn all I could. After all, color is the aspect of the design process with the biggest margin for error. But I learned that there was actually some very simple things one needs to understand.

The Confident Color System was the result of all those experiements to help someone like you learn to select color in a practical and systematic manner. I went from simply having a good eye for color to understanding this color thing was much more than color theory…you simply need to understand the whys of hue family and bias. The Confident Color System blends the science of the process with your artistic application so you can create one of a kind rooms with confidence. 

In the process of creating the original color class, I had the pleasure of brainstorming with other color experts like Cyndie Stefanik, an award winning faux finisher. Our work was the foundation of what has become the Confident Color System. Although the class has evolved, the goal has always been the same…create a practical approach to color selection that empowers the end user. 

When the time came to add another trainer, the first person who came to mind was Sandra Racz, an award winning decorator. Sandra has built successful design and staging companies in Jacksonville, Tampa, Park City, Denver, Scottsdale, and is the Executive Director of The Decorating and Staging Academy. She teaches the Confident Color System in Scottsdale, Denver, and Park City, and other areas by request. 

Bottom line…we both know our stuff and love to share and empower others.  The Confident Color System is offered in 2 formats, an online blended class (combines pre-recorded and real time virtual lessons) or a live 2 day workshop offered around the country.

We will turn you into a lean, mean color selection machine.

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