Confident Color System

Color Certifications, Continuing Ed, & Coaching for Decorating and Staging Professionals

Welcome, if you are here, chances are you attended the recent StagerCon.   We are delighted you are interested in our Confident Color System Certification Online Class.  Check out more details below. 

Hi, I am JoAnne Lenart-Weary, the creator of the Confident Color System.  JoAnne Lenart-Weary with Glasses With over 40 years in the Staging and Design Industry, 20 of them teaching others how to create beautiful rooms, I found color was a common stumbling block.

Like you, I began my business with more enthusiasm and chutzpah, then real training.  I relied on my instincts and good eye for color and the design process.  What I discovered was that approach often left me unsure and offering up a quick prayer that I got it right.  In time, I realized creating beautiful spaces was as much about science and systems,  as creativity. That meant understanding the why of the process.  THIS gave me confidence and I no longer said, “I think” to my clients because I could validate every suggestion I made., with a, “Let me tell you why.”  This new found wisdom was the foundation of all of the training programs I created moving forward.  If you know the why…you will come across with more professionalism. 

As I created the Confident Color System, I asked myself questions.  We all had been led to believe simple things like  red and green worked together because they were complements.  BUT I noticed that not every red and green worked well together.  This required a deeper dive, where I realized the color wheel and harmonies were only 1 part of the process.  You had to understand the 3 elements of color and hue bias…that was the key.  The impact of a color’s neighbor could spell the difference between Success and Failure.  That is precisely what I offer in my Confident Color System class.  You will be mixing and matching colors like a pro in no time at all…with no second guessing.  Other things you will learn include: 

  • Color is Generational
  • They aren’t Neutrals-they are Neutralized
  • Color mimics its neighbor
  • Color Consultations are a great money maker
  • Undertones are actually Saturation and Hue Bias
  • Our B-M-E System works everytime
  • You will never again ask, “What is your favorite color”?
  • You will never again ask, “What is your budget”?
  • How to conduct the perfect consultation
  • So much more…

Color is the root of every beautiful room.  Not only colors that look great together but color harmonies that make the people that live there…feel phenomenal.  It also Implementing a systematic and practical approach will result in fabulous color selections everytime. The Confident Color System is a unique  system that blends the art of color with the science of a color order and notations. You will learn how to effectively communicate color with your clients and never again ask the question, “What is your favorite color?”

The course includes 10 modules of color training, bonus modules, as well as many extras.  Register now and start learning in minute. 


Looking for a broader overview class that focuses on Design Principles.  Staging is not designing but you better understand design foundations to ensure the room looks polished, on-trend, and triggers the emotion necessary to sell that house. 

This class offers a color overview but is not the deep dive into the color that the Confident Color System provides.  This two classes support one another beautifully. Any questions, call JoAnne at 814-440-3044.