Confident Color System

Color Certifications, Continuing Ed, & Coaching for Decorating and Staging Professionals


Welcome IAHSP Members…we are delighted you came to learn more about the Confident Color System Certfication Class. When it comes to design or staging…it all begins with color! In fact, studies show that one sees color first, followed by shapes.  Nothing can transform a space more quickly than the addition…or subtraction…of color in one or more areas of a room.  

The Confident Color System Certification Class was created in 2010 as Color with No Regrets. As it evolved and alumni commented on their new found confidence…the name Confident Color System seemed like a natural. 


Unlike many color classes, this class is not just about paint. In this highly interactive class, students will work with fabrics, furniture, décor, and more. It is filled with practical skills and tools you can implement immediately with clients.

  • Learn how to use our unique Color Harmonies Handbooka modern “at a glance” approach to the color wheel.

  • Understand what many call undertones are simply the evolution of color families or hue bias.

  • Most importantly, you will be armed with the Confident Color System Alpha coding that will allow you to look at a color and identify what goes with what in less than 1 minute.

  • In the first 2 hours, you will be armed with a color confidence you didn’t think possible. 

Students will learn:

  • The 3 most important questions to ask a client…and what not to ask

  • How to establish the purpose and goal of your colors

  • Where a color is placed is as important as what color is selected

  • How to create Perfect and Pleasing Palettes in Minutes

  • How to eliminate 75% of the colors in a deck in 3 minutes

  • Hue Bias, Hue Family, Undertones, Overtones, and what matters

  • Turning Color into Cash-the business of color Students will receive:

  • Color Harmonies Handbook-Color Combinations at a Glance

  • Confident Consultation Forms Kit

  • Confident Color System Certification

  • One on One Coaching Session with Instructor


 Class includes: 

  • 12 Modules

  • Confident Consultation Color Kit

  • Multiple Hands-on Exercises

  • Forms Kit

  • Confident Consultation System

  • Sherwin Williams Color Deck

  • One on one Coaching Session

  • Access to class and all support materials online

  • Marketing Materials

  • and more


  • Eagerness to learn





Hi, I’m JoAnne Lenart-Weary, a 40+ year veteran of the design and staging industry. I have been teaching redesign, staging, and decorating on a professional level since 1999. After many requests, I launched what has become the Confident Color System Certification class in 2008. It has armed many with a new-found color confidence that takes “a good eye for color” to a new level. Many students tell me they learned more in the first 2 hours, than their entire time at school. This is a practical and easy to use approach to color selection that blends your talent with the science of color.  Classes are offered both online or around the country in a variety of location and are taught by either myself, or Sandra Racz, the Executive Director of The Decorating and Staging Academy.

Besides, being the Executive Director of the The Decorating and Staging Academy, Sandra has been teaching color, interior redesign, decorating, home staging, event planning, seasonal decorating and the newly launched Luxe Home Staging certification programs.  Teaching color around the country with JoAnne and watching the light bulb go off when color is understood in the practical, never-fail system gives us pure pleasure.