Confident Color System

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The Consultation and the Confident Consultation Kit

One of the most important steps in client communication is the actual consultation, whether live or virtual.  Connecting with the clients, building the Know-Like-Trust factor, and simply building relationships is critical to your future success.  However, over the years, I find many people just wing it. This isn’t a drop by for coffee…this is business.  

That is exactly why I created the Confident Color System Consultation System.  It ensures I connect to my clients, gather the appropriate information, and leave prepared to help them move forward.  The Confident Consultation Kit will guide you through the process. 

1. Meet the Client
2. Give the Color Test. 
3. Ask the Power Words.
4. Visit the Space with Client to ask necessary questions. 
5. Ask Client to leave space so you can measure, take photos, and assess the space. 
6. Fill out the Comfort Zone Shopping System to create numerical budget. 
7. Update the client with our immediate suggestions.
8. Establish budget by itemizing, then add 20% for sales tax, shipping, misc.  Deposit at time of contract, balance due after placement in home. 
9. Establish the next step, ask for the sale.