Confident Color System

Color Certifications, Continuing Ed, & Coaching for Decorating and Staging Professionals

Hi, we’re JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz, award-winning design and staging experts, with over 60 years of experience between us. We have been teaching others how to create beautiful rooms and turn their talent into businesses, since 1999. 

After years of working with thousands of aspiring and established stagers, we know that people often begin a staging business because they love the process of transforming rooms. Armed with a natural talent and gut instincts,  many consider staging a gateway or stepping stone to perfect their skill set for design as well as staging.  Although many say staging isn’t decorating, the bottom line you better understand solid design and color foundations to create rooms that have visual appeal and sell that house. The colors you select, the way you place the sofa, the art you hang…your choices must be very deliberate and geared to maximizing the sales potential of that house. The bottom line, it takes more than a good eye to create properties designed to sell.

There is a polish and professionalism in a room that has been created not only with natural talent but also with a solid understanding of design foundations. That is exactly why we created this course, Color and Design Principles for Stagers. This course does not replace our full-blown Confident Color System class, but does arm you with necessary design foundations. If you simply want to enhance your staging business or add decorating to your revenue stream, this class is perfect for you, whether you are a newbie or an established decorator.

Module 1-Let’s begin the staging process by exploring the importance of understanding core design principles. It is the difference between a DIY or PRO looking project. 

Module 2-Selling a house is a competitive sport. Learn how the power of comps can identify what a property needs to sell at the maximum dollar. 

Module 3– It all begins with color…you can’t disguise a color mistake. This is a foundation module and not the full-blown Confident Color System class. 

Module 4-Let’s continue talking color and how things as simple as color placement can impact the sales potential. 

Module 5-Are you a one-trick pony who creates the same “look” over and over? Do you know your personal Design DNA?

Module 6-Implement the Decorating in the Zone System with placement principles for furniture, art, accessories, and more. 

Module 7-A great room is more than a series of vignettes but the reality is cohesion can make or break a room.

Module 8-Just because there is space, doesn’t mean you have to fill it. But when you do, understand how core principles.

Module 9-Creativity is what gets people talking and what takes your business from mediocre to marvelous. 

Module 10-It takes more than talent to grow a business. In this module, we discuss how to capitalize on your talent and expertise.

Bonus Module-