Confident Color System

Color Certifications, Continuing Ed, & Coaching for Decorating and Staging Professionals

The Confident Color System was launched...

in 2007 when after 10 years of teaching design and staging professionals, I kept getting requests for a more systematic approach to color selection. The result was the Confident Color Certification System, inspired by the science of color and the process of working with clients. Although the core of the system remains the same, the class is updated annually to reflect changes in the color and design industry, trends, and best practices. 

Hi, I’m JoAnne Lenart-Weary. For over 40 years, I have had the pleasure of creating beautiful rooms plus teaching others how to turn their talent and love for decorating and staging into a successful business. My goal is to arm the student with practical, doable skills they can implement immediately whether designing a space or marketing their business. After all, it takes more than talent to succeed. 

What makes the Confident Color Certification System unique? Unlike many other classes, this is not just about paint. We will discuss fabrics, furniture, accessories and more. The class is filled with hands on exercises and also a focus on how to turn color into cash.  If you aren’t ready to commit to a certification class, consider one of our continuing ed programs.  We have a mix of free and fee based classes. 

The Certification class is available both Live or Online and comes with many extras including:

  • Our Proprietary Color Harmonies Handbook (an “at a glance” color wheel)
  • Confident Consultation System
  • Support Forms and Resources
  • Access to the recorded version of class and updates for 1 year 
  • Alpha color system
  • and so much more

Take advantage of the Summer Sale on one or both of our classes. 

Confident Color System-Looking for a deep dive into color?  Then register for the Confident Color System and earn your certification as a Certified Confident Color Professional.  (CCCP) 

Color and Design Principles for Staging-Perfect if  you need an overview of solid design principles geared to staging.  It will help build a solid design and color foundation and will give you confidence and unleash your creativity. 

Due to the Social Distancing Guidelines,  all live classes are currently on hold.  To help you stay in the game and continue to grow, we are offering a Summer Sale.   Any questions, please call JoAnne Lenart-Weary directly at 814-440-3044. 
"JoAnne, You were such a Hoot, but yet, an incredible human being full of knowledge. entertainment, and enthusiasm.  I loved my class!  Thank you."
Kate Kissell
"Sandra Racz is an amazing trainer and mentor! I love her energy and passion. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn from the best!” 
Sandra Wick

Meet the Trainers

Hi, we’re JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz, award-winning members of the design and staging industry for over 6 decades, collectively.  We have appeared on HGTV and ABC, as well as been featured on television, national magazines, industry events and more.  

We both began building successful residential design and staging business and segued into teaching others how to turn their talent into a successful business.  JoAnne founded The Decorating and Staging Academy in 1999 and Sandra became the Executive Director in 2014. Together, we have created some of the best design, staging, and color curriculums in the country.  We are both active members of many industry associations and frequent speakers at industry events. 

The Confident Color System is typically offered online and in a live class format. Due to the restrictions of Covid, we are offering a bleneded version of Once the social distancing guidelines are ended, check out our live classes in a variety of cities around the country including Seattle, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Boston, Jacksonville, Orlando, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Cleveland, Buffalo, Toronto, Denver, and more. Other locations are available by request. 

Can’t make a live class…then join JoAnne for an online class which is a blend of on demand learning with blended with virtual live training sessions.